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Learn to collaborate by jointly overcoming artificially introduced breakdowns on interactive tabletops thanks to the design-based research project Overcoming Breakdowns in Teams with Interactive Tabletops (ORBIT), lead by the University of Luxembourg and the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST).


ORBIT aims at supporting adults in developing collaboration methods through new types of problem solving activities implemented on a tangible tabletop interface. These activities allow users to experience collaboration by jointly solving a problem and to cope with computer generated challenges on the way to solve the problem.


Collaboration in the 21st century

Learning to learn and to work together must become an important goal in education and professional trainingShared interfaces such as multi-touch tables and Tangible User Interfaces (TUI) were shown to be highly beneficial for mediating and supporting collaboration. However, to support learners in successfully developing collaboration methods, these need to be faced with situations where collaboration is not only afforded, but also challenged.

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